This is my photo album.
Its creation is like spinning a tale: spooling a film, snapping photographs, composing them... The narrative about calmness and naturalness. Calmness is more than lack of movement - I cannot stop searching it everywhere I am. Searching the naturalness means trying to pick out what is true and simple in the world - I cannot stop doing it.
But, first and foremost, my own story is about big, big love. I love the world: light, colour, contrast, symmetry, trees, tasty food, buildings, doors, feet, ankles, eyes. I love the human being. Everywhere I am - I cannot stop searching.
And all that makes the simple pleasures of life.

Anna Gawlak (Krakow, Poland)

contact: ania.gawlak[at]gmail.com

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dwa lata.

dwa lata.